tattoo co.

Crown & Feather Tattoo co. is Philadelphia's premier private studio. With a focus on quality work, creativity, and customer service, we strive to create a truly unique and memorable experience for every client.

Our artists specialize in fine line, illustrative, Japanese, and American Traditional style tattoos. We work by appointment only. Because we are a private studio we do not take walk-ins. Please visit our contact page to book an appointment!


Partners Nick 'the Tailor' Solomon, Andrew Robinson, and Dylan Carr sought to create a new kind of tattoo business. In 2019 the partners created Crown & Feather. Combining the newest technologies in the industry with the rich history of Philadelphia, the location at 2628 Martha Street was chosen - this turn of the century warehouse just off of the I95 corridor houses design studios, law offices, and a distillery. The studio is located in the flagship 1st floor loft space.

Crown & Feather prides itself in housing versatile and award winning talent. From being recognized at local and international tattoo conventions to working with Fortune 500 companies, Crown & Feather strives to offer world class talent to the Philadelphia stage.