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frequently asked questions


We have two locations. Our main location is at 2628 Martha St. in Philadelphia. This is where a majority of our artists work. We also have a smaller studio in Delaware County at 4609 State Rd. in Drexel Hill. Your artist will provide you with the location of your appointment.

Do you do piercings?

We do not do piercings. Only tattoos!

Do you still do free or discounted scar cover-ups?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to give free or discounted scar cover-ups.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is $250. All of our artists handle their own booking and pricing. The price of your tattoo is dependent on the size, placement, detail, & design. You may be given a flat or hourly rate depending on the piece. The best way to discuss and move forward with pricing is with your artist when you book your tattoo. 

Can I get tattooed if I'm not 18?

No we cannot tattoo anyone under 18, even with parental consent.

Do you take last minute appointments or walk-ins?

No. We are an appointment only, private studio. All of our artists book through email only, and are typically booked for 3-6 months in advance. To book an appointment please email us your design idea, size, & placement or fill out the contact form above.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we have Crown & Feather Coins that function as gift cards available in increments of $20. To purchase, please call the shop. We highly recommend the person you are buying for has an appointment on the books before purchasing. All coins are non-refundable.

How can I pay?

Cash is preferred. Please ask your artist ahead of time if they will accept credit cards, Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal. Please note that you will be charged with a small service fee if paying with card, so we recommend you bring cash. We do not have an ATM.

I can't make it to my appointment what do I do?

Please contact your artist if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. In the case that you cannot contact your artist, please give us a call or email. If you call the shop after hours, please send us an email letting us know you can not make it to your appointment. 

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes, you can bring a guest! If you plan on bringing multiple people, please check-in with your artist first.

if your question was not answered above, feel free to give us a call or email. we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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